Upon ordering, you’ll receive an email to answer six quick and easy questions about your best memories with your spouse over the last year.

We’ll use these answers in your personalized Anniversary Art, which will look just like the samples on this page but with your information and special memories.

We’ll send your WonderDads Anniversary Art to you already wrapped for you to give your spuse on your anniversary. WonderDads Anniversary Art is professionally printed 11”x17” artwork, float mounted, UV protected and ready to easily hang on a bedroom wall.

Give to your spouse and feel like a hero this anniversary! 





Be A Great Husband, Give A Thoughtful Gift This Year

When we told Charlie we were moving to Mill Valley, he was in tears he could not bring his toilet to the new house. On Easter we forgot the keys in the house and couldn’t get in for 4 hours!

Funniest comment/situation in the last year?

Here’s an example of the questions answered in the anniversary art above. You’ll get to answer these fun questions yourself when you order!

Spending 1 romantic night alone in Napa together, not having to worry about work, kids or anything else. I miss those days!

Your favorite “just-us” memory in the last year?

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We moved to Mill Valley, California. Charlie turned 5 and is now 4 feet, 11 inches. Luca turned 4 and is now 4 feet, 4 inches. We have a new rescue dog, Panda. We got our first electric car.

Family milestones of the last year?

Charlie is in braces. Luca prefers art to baseball. You started taking a photography class. And you finally got me to eat kale!

Other fun facts or things to be remembered about the last year that will be fun to look back on in the future?

Personalized Artwork Commemorating Your Best Memories of the Last Year 

Whether it’s your 2nd wedding anniversary or 20th,  Anniversary Art is a meaningful gift that shows you care, and that no amount of gifts or jewelry could ever match. Your spouse will love to open this meaningful gift, as well as every year thereafter as they look back on fun memories from the last year that you took the time to capture and record on a piece of art just for them.

So many things happen each year, and Anniversary Art is the perfect way to capture these memories now before they become forgotten, and to put them on a keepsake that is kept forever.  Whether it’s remembering a trip you took, your favorite movie, or something that involved your kids, these priceless memories are a great reminder of “celebrating another year of marriage” and why although it’s hard, it’s so worth it.


Be A Great Husband, Give A Thoughtful Gift This Year

1. Hiking the Dispea trail with the dogs most weekends.
2. Our dinner with our friends (Andy, Molly, Mark, Sarah) in San Francisco at Lazy Bear.
3. When Nana watched the boys and we went up the coast to Point Reyes seeing dolphins, eating and laughing and feeling so good about our decision to move to California.

Top 3 most fun activities, experiences and trips of the last year?

Going to Maine for summer vacation as a family, where the boys learned to eat lobster for the first time, we looked for sea glass on the beach, and we played Monopoly with the kids for what felt like 100 times! Taking Charlie and Luca to see Grandma and Grandpa in Florida where it was 95 degrees and humid for 6 days straight.

Your favorite family memory in the last year?

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Give your spouse a meaningful and priceless 11x17 anniversary art gift that captures all the best memories of the last year! 

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