Upon ordering, you’ll receive an email to answer six quick and easy questions about your best memories for your child over the last year.

We’ll use these answers in your personalized Birthday Art, which will look just like the sample on this page but with all your child’s information and special memories.

We’ll send your WonderDads Birthday art to you already wrapped for you to give your child on their birthday. WonderDads Birthday Art is professionally printed 11”x17” artwork, float mounted, UV protected and ready to easily hang on a bedroom wall.

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The first time we left you home alone, you thought you heard someone in the house and you were very scared. We stayed on the phone with you for 20 minutes until we got home and then it turned out it was just the smoke detector low-battery alert saying “low battery!”

Your funniest moment with your child in the last year?

Take a peek at the fun answers shared by a fellow Dad! You’ll get to answer these fun questions yourself when you order!

Our family trip to Maine in the summer where we kayaked and you tried lobster for the first time.

Your best memory of the last year involving your child?

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When your teacher told us you stood up for a boy on the playground who threw a football in a weird way and other boys were making fun of him.

Your most proud moment about your child in the last year?

Fortnite, mountain biking, steak and Twizzlers.

Your kid’s favorite things over the last year?

Personalized Art Celebrating Your Favorite Memories With Your Child Over the Last Year 

So many things happen each year, and WonderDads Birthday Art is the perfect way to capture these memories now before they become forgotten, and to put them on a keepsake that is kept forever. Whether your child is turning 1, 11 or 16, it is the perfect gift that keeps on giving…they’ll love when they open it, as well as every year thereafter as they look back on fun memories from that year of their life that you took the time to capture and record on a piece of art just for them.


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1. Learning how to make Macaroons for the family
2. Going to Florida to see Grandma & Grandpa (which took 12 hours to get home!).
3. You walking 7 miles together for your school charity event!

Top 3 best experiences together of the last year?

Your baseball team won your division (you played first base.) In our backyard you built a bike trail that took you a full month. You learned how to make Orange Cookies with Grandma (which she claims are better than hers!).

Other fun facts or things to be remembered about the last year that will be fun to look back on in the future?

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Give your child a unique gift this year they’ll have forever…WonderDads Birthday Art. This gift is uniquely personalized with quotes and memories you shared together over the past year.

Give Your Child a WOW Gift This Year!

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