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Think about it…at 13 they start hanging out more with their friends and by 15 that’s all they want to do. At 18 they are off to college (hopefully!) and then you only have college breaks and holidays to look forward to. Whether you have a newborn or a high-schooler, it’s never too late or too early to invest in planning incredibly fun and unique experiences with your kids, they’ll end up being the best memories you ever have. And our mission is that WonderDads will provide you with all of the tools and resources you’ll need to make your kid’s childhood years extraordinary.

91% of Dad-Kids Bonding Happens Between Ages 0-12

How It Works

Join the thousands of extraordinary Dads going above and beyond...

“I have long prided myself on being a creative and involved Father, but the resources and accountability that my WonderDads account has provided is absolutely inspiring.”

Sven Olson
Dad to 3 Kids

“WonderDads provides an intentional platform to plan, implement, and invest in the moments which will positively impact the relationship between a Father and his or her child…” 

Charles Gramatges
Dad to 2 Sons (Ages 3 and 6)

“WonderDads is a great resource. I think more Dads need to know about it, and understand how beneficial it can be for them as well as their children.”

Earl Miller
Dad to 2 Kids (Ages 12 and 13.5)

“With 17% of single parents now Dads, programs and services like WonderDads are critical for continued support of Fatherhood.” 

Eric H.
Dad to a Daughter (Age 5) and Son (Age 7)

“WonderDads is an awesome initiative to help Dad’s take Fatherhood back. There is a huge deficit of strong Fatherhood in the country that has created a Fatherless generation and WonderDads can help Dad’s be better.” 

Eric Fehr
Dad to 3 Kids (Ages Newborn, 3, and 5) 

“There are countless resources for Mothers online these days and while they are certainly needed, Dads need a place of their own. Even sites that are supposed to cater to both parents still seem slanted towards Moms. Dads are more involved in their kids lives than ever before, so it’s time for a site to come along to support guys who want to actively be a part of their kids lives as well.”

Brian Schick
Dad to Renne (Age 5) and Cassidy (Age 1.5) 

“WonderDads can grow to become one of the best resources a Dad can use to be a better Father. They already provide so many valuable experiences that you can do with your children.”

Dave Battinieri
Dad to Brayden and Jackson (Ages 2 and 7) 

“WonderDads is a great place for Dad’s to come for encouragement and validation they’re doing good things.” 

Jared Ellis
Dad to 5 Kids (Ages 4, 5, 6, 7 and 7) 

“WonderDads is a solid idea generator for any Dad who struggles connecting transferable concepts with a memorable activity.” 

Erik Chandler
Dad to Elijah (Age 13) and Jude (Age 9) 

“WonderDads offers on the go Dads an excellent resource to help facilitate a new generation of Fathers.”

Jeremey Wilcoxson
Dad to 2 Kids (Ages 4 and 6) 

“WonderDads opens the imagination door with your kids.” 

Jeff Pinegar
Dad to 3 Kids

“Helps me make the most out of this amazing ride called Fatherhood.” 

Scott B.
Dad to 4 Kids (Ages 2, 5, 7, and 9) 

“WonderDads is a solid idea generator for any Dad who struggles connecting transferable concepts with a memorable activity.” 

Erik Chandler
Dad to Elijah (Age 13) and Jude (Age 9) 

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